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Personal Power Plate single workout prices

Each workout includes: warm up, personal training with a personal trainer, massage. Duration of training is 40-50 minutes. Our trainer will certainly offer you a glass of water and give advice on nutrition.


$ 30 / training
  • Only for new customers
  • Full training at the half price


$ 60 / training
  • Nutrition advice included
  • Pay for workout every time

Unlimited Training

$ 699 / month
  • A whole month of personal Power Plate workouts*

*Maximum 1 training per day. Between the days of training should be at least 1 day of rest. Your body will be grateful to you!

Personal training on Power Plate in Toronto.

You can lose weight, become strong and hardy, push back old age in a short time.

Confidentiality Guaranteed!

Only an appointment!

Power Plate pro 6 Toronto for sale

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